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Excellent Marketability and Name Recognition
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  • Lenders, Brokers
  • Proprietary Applications
  • Direct or Third Party Lead Generation
  • Finanial, Demographic or Geographic Polling

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  • Mortgage Loans

    Debt Consolidation

    Home Improvement


    New Homeowners

    Equity Loans

    Real Estate Loans
      Want to lower your monthly payments...
      And get some extra cash?

      A Home Equity Loan lets you use the equity you've built up in your home to secure a loan. Because it's secured, a home equity loan can often have a lower interest rate than most credit cards or installment loans. Maybe that's why across the U.S., one out of every eight homeowners already has a home equity loan!

      Advantages of Home Equity Loans:

      • Lower interest rates than most other forms of credit
      • Lower monthly payments than most other forms of credit
      • Interest may be tax-deductible
      • Allows access to the equity you've already earned

      Use your Home Equity Loan for:

      • Bill consolidation
      • Home improvements
      • Small business start-up
      • Education expenses
      • Medical expenses
      • Major purchases

      Monthly payments out of control?

      Debt Consolidation loans can greatly reduce the interest you pay out for your high interest credit obligations and lower your stress at bill paying time! Converting all those monthly payments into one low monthly payment, could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month.

      Ask yourself these questions:

      • Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?
      • Want to have some money left over for yourself at the end of the month?
      • Tired of paying 18 - 24% interest on your credit cards?
      • Hate the idea of paying off 5 to 6 times the amount you borrowed over the next 25 years?
      • Is keeping track of all of your debt obligations a time consuming task?
      • Concerned that previous credit problems would hurt your chances?


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